2019-08-14 Wed OLD & NEW Headlines


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China July industrial output growth at 17-year low (4.8% vs exp. 5.8%)
China retail sales missed targets (7.6% vs exp. 8.6%)
U.S. agrees to delay China tariffs until 15.12.2019...considered as pre-Christmas gift
Trump's new farm tariffs no match for China's retaliatory duties – The Whites House while delaying tariffs on big ticket items decided to impose new 10% tariffs on agricultural products etc.
Foreigners are dumping RSA (Republic of South Africa) bonds as junk status looms
The VALUE of negative yielding bonds amounts to $16 trillion !!!
Denmark was first country in 2012 to adopt negative interest rates
Danish economy shows unexpected resilience amid global slowdown. GDP grows 0.8% in 2Q
Australia, the second biggest coal exporter, rejects calls by climate hit neighbours to ditch coal
HK protesters beat suspected infiltrators from China
China officials describe protests as terrorism
U.K. Inflation unexpectedly rises above BOE target 2.1% vs exp. 1.9%
UK yield curve inverts for the first time since 2008
Facebook paid contractors to transcribe users' audio chats.....to train voice recognition software :-)
Tencent 2Q net income 24.14b yuan expected 21.10b yuan

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