250 pips for 25/12/19 happy Christmas Day


20.00 $ earned


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crazy sell target for Christmas Day
Why Traders Care???It's a leading indicator of consumer inflation - when corporations pay more for services the higher costs are usually passed on to the consumer(cspi)
Monthly Report on the Services Producer Price Index
From boj
The Services Producer Price Index (All items) rose 2.1 percent from the previous year. The Services Producer Price Index (All items <excluding International transportation>) rose 2.1 percent from the previous year. table
The Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes are a detailed record of the Bank of Japan's policy setting meeting, containing in-depth insights into the economic conditions that influenced the decision on where to set interest rates!!!!!!!
The Swiss Franc vs. the Japanese Yen. After reaching its low in 2008 this pair has steadily traded higher mainly due to aggressive Japanese monetary easing. Also, due to low interest rates and different financial properties these currencies are considered to be safe haven and funding currencies
from that i get more opinion at my reseach
"CHFJPY has been bearish since Thursday 19/12 and this negative sentiments could continue coming week. A pullback towards resistant zone is needed for the downtrend to continue on H4."
"Details on the chart! The markets have been so slow but this pair finally started getting some movement and is dropping!
Enter a sell with a limit order under the trend line instead of just throwing in a sell immediately! You could also go to hour 4 and find a good entry with some kind of moving average crossover or something!"
"CHFJPY is a very overbought pair and from the 13th of December, I have a bearish bias on it.
the price has recently broken below 111.6 structure support and this morning we saw a retest of it."
and your can refer for this link to get your confident

so i can see have something get the profit even sell at 111.290
it's my target

Take profit 1 at 111.09
Take profit 2 at 110.79
Take profit 3 at 110.29
Stop loss at 111.85$

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