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Will Duxon
Will Duxon added a new post
3 years ago

Having just completed my investigation into how I might best use my Numerical Price Prediction Forex Trading Strategy, not only for scalping (guerrilla trading), but also for longer-term intraday (pseudo-swing) trading, I plan to now temporarily suspend my posts and focus exclusively on trading the system until it generates enough discretionary cash for me to deposit an opening balance in my currently unfunded Ally Forex trading account in addition to the OANDA account I have already been using to trade during the past year. At that point, I will look into whether the Ally account can be linked to TradingDot.com. This will allow me to establish the strategy on the website with a track record that accurately reflects its amazing effectiveness so anyone who is pleased with its results can follow it if they so wish.

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  • Paweł Buchała
    Paweł Buchała3 years ago

    If the Ally account is under MT4, it can be linked with TradingDot :)