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2 years ago

The month has ended, and therefore it is time to award the prize to the best trader in October.
Let us remind you that the fight for the title of September trader was fierce and lasted until the last trading day, it was similar this time.

In October, 3 people took the lead and fought hard for the prize. The results were so close that everyone had a chance to win.
Dawid Augustyn
Rolnik 1
Bolo 1
For the first three weeks of October, the farmer definitely ran. Unfortunately, in the last week his only transaction on the DAX index, which he did not close, began to bring losses.

Because of this transaction, he lost his position to Dawid Augustyn. David "bet" on coffee and this decision allowed him to overtake the farmer and Bolo.

Until October 25, the fight was quite fierce and the differences between the results of the strategy were very slight.
Bolo was in the lead for several days and had a chance for the title and prize, unfortunately he stopped updating the strategy which disqualifies him from the rankings.

Officially, the title of the best trader in October and the prize of 1000 USD goes to David Augustyn.

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