Any trustable web page to follow gold technical and fundamental trends day by day?


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VN added a new post
3 years ago

Hi every one, I new in this exciting world of trading and need some guidance about trustable pages to get technical and fundamental trends of forex and commodities, but specialy at this moment with gold, any sugestion?

Thanks in advance!

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  • HarryTrader
    HarryTrader3 years ago

    You are on the website like this :) on TradingDot you will find guidance and some people to follow, who publish trade ideas or signals (using strategies)

    • Emerald-FX
      Emerald-FX3 years ago

      Stick around. Most posts still aren't in English but if you request a comment in English you may get one. Click on tab with PLN and you should be able to see more ideas.