retrace into new supply


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Michael S
Michael S published an idea on AUDJPY, H4
5 years ago

This is continuation trade, as I think that downtrend is not over yet. Price broke support level at 84,60, and new supply was formed.

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    That should interest you

    Will Duxon published an idea on AUDJPY, H1

    The next leg up?

    The Aussie dollar-Japanese yen has climbed over 200 pips since my commenting that it had not formed a top eight days ago. And after the pullback that occurred over the last three or so hours, I am hoping that what I have done here is caught the next bullish leg…

    Will Duxon published an idea on AUDJPY, H1

    This pair remains bullish

    To answer a question I asked in a previous idea: No, the Aussie dollar-Japanese yen was NOT forming a top. Rather, what I was looking at was a pullback in price in light of still bullish 16-, 24- and 48-hour baselines, resulting in my being stopped out. This…