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Igor Balan
Igor Balan published an idea on AUDJPY, H4
4 years ago

Now I sell - after 5th wave of impuls. Then I buy - after ABC correction.

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    Chris Borowik published an idea on AUDJPY, D1


    AUDJPY, as I proposed in previous idea about rising wedge, has exited formation downward. Now, after few days of losses, price has dropped about 5%, compared to recent top. Price move in shape of waterfall is strong. Next place to stop this move could be support…

    Chris Borowik published an idea on AUDJPY, D1

    Rising Wedge

    Quotations of AUDJPY on D1 chart has formed figure similar to Rising Wedge pattern. This pattern means that buyers cause price to rise by buying, but sellers cause to brake that move by selling. In conclusion difference between highs and lows shrinks. Rising…