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Daniel Grek
Daniel Grek published an idea on AUDUSD, M15
4 years ago

Możliwe spadki w do okolic strefy 0.7320

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    That should interest you

    lee baxter published an idea on AUDUSD, D1


    We've had many long positions hit TP on AUDUSD over the past few months, bringing in hundreds of pips along the way. But that bull run came to an end here when we got stopped out at break even. Price has dropped through trend and we have had some strong…

    Chris Borowik published an idea on AUDUSD, D1

    Healthy Trend

    On D1 chart of AUDUSD pair, we could see strong healthy rising trend. Line connecting bottoms since June was all the time under candles. After upswing price was falling to this line few times. This means that trend line is strong support. We should expect price…