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The Forex Competition "Trading Challenge" starts on September 1. This competition is the largest independent forex competition in Poland, and the prize pool is up to 20,000 PLN
Trading Challenge is already the 4th edition of the trading competition organized by This time the competition will have a changed form, traders will compete from September 1, 2019 to November 29, 2019. Participants will have up to 3 full months to trade. This will allow traders to show their trading skills in the long run, and forex "sprinters" will have great opportunities to win small prizes during the competition

As much as 20,000 PLN
This time prizes will be awarded 3 times.
The first prize round will be awarded after 1 month for the best trader in September and he will receive the equivalent of 4,000 PLN
After the second month, the prize for the best trader in October will be awarded, he will also receive the equivalent of 4,000 PLN
The last prizes will be awarded after the end of the competition. The trader who will have the highest rate of return after 3 months of the competition will receive the largest prize, i.e. 8,000 PLN the second and third persons in the final ranking will receive the equivalent of 2,800 PLN and 1,200 PLN respectively. Someone who has a good pass can win up to 16,000 PLN

No minimum deposit
To enter the competition, no minimum deposit is required, but it is required that this account be a real account. Tradingdot is a forex practitioners portal, and it's best to present your workshop on a real account.

Choosing a broker
In many cases, forex competitions are organized by one broker, which often raises the reluctance of participants to participate in the struggle. In this forex competition, there is no limit to one brokerage house, you can choose from the our list of brokers .

What you need to do to win
1. Register at
2. Set up an account with a broker from the list
3. Add a strategy by marking your desire to enter the competition
4. Get your rewards

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