Chorągiewka na GBPJPY


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Daniel Grek
Daniel Grek published an idea on GBPJPY, M15
4 years ago

Zasięg formacji do poziomu 143.250

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    Chris Borowik published an idea on GBPJPY, D1

    Double Top

    When we look at D1 chart of GBPJPY currency pair quotations, we could see formation of Double Top pattern. This geometry has bearish meaning. Now price is heading down. If it will cross neckline (support of around 135.790), there would be confirmation of DT pattern.…

    lee baxter published an idea on GBPJPY, D1

    GJ Update

    Looking back at GBPJPY today, the markets have been very strange lately. Lots of volatility in pairs at times. Recently GJ has been slow moving. But our entry position on this pair seems to be a good strong support zone . I think we will still see a nice bull…