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speculatorLT published an idea on GBPJPY, H4
4 years ago

I'm waiting when the price is back at 142,40. Then I will set up a SELL STOP at 142.000 with SL around 30pips and TP 138,8.

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    That should interest you

    Will Duxon published an idea on GBPJPY, H4

    Long GBPJPY

    After pulling back last week the Cable-Yen looks like it might try to spend this week renewing the climb in initiated in September of last year.

    lee baxter published an idea on GBPJPY, D1

    GBPJPY Trade Update

    Good morning all, GBPJPY has started the retracement. I gave out the setup last week to sell form the supply zone but price never made it there. If you was watching it then you could of caught the top double hammer candles and entered. If you did you would be…