Bearish pattern on GBPUSD


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Leinad Kerginsten
Leinad Kerginsten published an idea on GBPUSD, H1
5 years ago

Seems like a strong signal for sell with range øf 300 pips

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    That should interest you

    James Thatcher published an idea on GBPUSD, Other

    United Kingdom Core CPI y/y October 20 2021

    What does the data mean to the market?

    The UK's most important inflation data, it’s the leading central bank's inflation target. Recently the BOE has sighted this data as particularly important, so I think we should see a reaction from it.


    Asad khan published an idea on GBPUSD, H4

    GBP/USD Potential sell opportunity.

    Hello traders. How are you all hope everyone is going well.
    So here we have a crystal clear idea of a major pair GBP/USD(POUND/DOLLAR). As we can see that the price is consolidating in a major down trend since many months. And again now the price is at the same…