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Daniel Grek
Daniel Grek published an idea on GBPUSD, H1
4 years ago

Formacja flagi zapowiadająca wzrosty po przebiciu. W drodze pełnego zasięgu znajduje się ważna strefa oporu, więc realny zasięg ok. 70 pipsów

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British Pound in the new channel

The currency pair is moving as expected so far. In principle, you can invest in this pair without much worries due to the technical movement involved. At the moment, we see a new growth channel whose border is in line with the previous channel lasting a full…

Biznes-Broker.com published an idea on GBPUSD, H4

GBPUSD on Monday

The first currency pair is the British Pound which we analyzed last week. As assumed, it goes in the designated direction, but at the support level, several pullbacks could have caused uncertainty. Currently, the target is the area marked with a cross. At this…