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Gregor Cooper
Gregor Cooper published an idea on GBPUSD, M5
5 years ago

Who is selling GBPUSD ?

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That should interest you

James Thatcher published an idea on GBPUSD, Other

United Kingdom Core CPI y/y January 19 2022

What does the data mean to the market?

The UK's most important inflation data, it’s the leading central bank's inflation target. Recently the BOE has sighted this data as particularly important, so I think we should see a reaction from it.


Will Duxon published an idea on GBPUSD, H1

A Slightly Different Approach

I bought GBPUSD at around 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, even though the 24-hour trend was bearish. Why did I do that? Well, for one thing, the 48-hour trend was bullish. Moreover, price looked like it had been rejected by statistical support in the form of the…