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2 years ago

Not much to update you guys, When #Bitcoin was at 8800$. We told you at that time that we'll see a pump and the dump again in price. #BTC exactly did the same. Hits almost 9100$+ as a pump and dump back again to the same zone where we're sitting before.

As of Now, there is no change in the previous plan. It's just same as we told in last update. We're expecting some consolidation around the current price zone and likely to dump again. Don't get excited by seeing some small pumps As We're expecting the dump in mid term. But the most important question, Is it means that we're going to the bear market again. Well we don't think so. We're keep repeating the same words that we're in the consolidation phase now and you must have to keep accumulating #BTC if you missed the last dip. The final dump which we're expecting #BTC to drop is 8k$ in mid term before running back up again. It is the price we're expecting in Mid Term. For short term moves, We'll keep update you guys here.

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