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2 years ago

So As expected #Bitcoin breakdown the 8k$ psychological support. Is there anything new in this which we don't tell you guys. We updated you guys in our last short update that there is no signs of reversal we see so far and we're expecting #BTC to breakdown 8k$ levels soon. #BTC exactly did the same.

As of Now, #BTC consolidating around 7.5-7.6k$. We can say that there is lot of selling pressure and fear right now in the market. We're expecting #BTC to dump bit more from the current levels. The Targets which we're seeing is between 7.1-7.3k$ levels. Small pumps can be seen before that. Let the price to reach there first. We'll update you guys about next Possible move then

But, The Important Question now As #Bitcoin is dumping. Is that means we entered into bear market. Well We update about it later soon. Just one thing we want to say, Buy when Everyone Is in Fear. Sell when everyone is in greed. You better know what to do now

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