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2 years ago

So All is going just as what we mentioned. As we told you guys in our last update that #Bitcoin likely to drop till 7k$. We actually dip little bit more from the levels we expect and hits around 6.8k$. But it's great as we're keep telling you about correction in a row since 9.4k$ and #BTC exactly Following as what we expected.

As of Now, #BTC consolidating around 7k$. We're expecting some consolidations around this zone and expecting a nice recovery in #BTC from here. The targets which we're expecting is between 7.4-7.5k$. Let the price reach there first, we'll let you know about next possible move then.

Well, In short here. As we're keep telling you since 9.4k$ that the correction is coming. We're now Telling you guys to start accumulating #BTC from current price zone, only if you can hold. We can say we're very close to the Bottom. Start Accumulating. Don't get trapped in this whale's manipulation. You'll going to miss these price of #BTC soon.

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