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Already two days of struggling traders in the competition competition III behind us. As usually happens at the very beginning, a group of traders who will be the leaders in the competition must clear up. The Trading Competition III forex competition is no exception.
Is there a competition leader?
On the first day TomaszP was in the first place, finished the day with the result of 16% of the profit on the account, and the second position was a mysterious nickname qfaxs with 4% on the account, Emerald-FX ranked third with a result of 0.39%. Most traders have not made any transactions yet, probably waiting for the opponents to move;). The instrument that aroused the greatest interest among traders in the first day was dax and brent oil. These instruments after nearly 100 transactions led TomaszP to the first position.
Day two of the traders' competition - a day of surprises
Tuesday was the day of castling in the tradicional peloton. Leader - TomaszP, with his strategy, which he described
"After the reaction of prices to certain key price zones, I open positions and wait for further developments."
he lost the lead. The biggest advantage that it had 121% of the initial account balance, unfortunately due to several wrong decisions on gold and oil, brent fell to the 10th position. The biggest losses on the second day depleted his account by 16% xauusd, 11.1% brent and 11.7% brent. It should be remembered that this is only the second day and in forex contests lasting 4 weeks everything can still happen, especially that it is able to perform 60 transactions a day

The competition is handled by the qfaxs trader. During the first two days, he made only 12 orders, which is 10 times less than TomaszP. This best shows how the various trade styles traders present during the competition. The second day closes with a 10% profit on the account. For now, it has an 8% advantage on EmeraldFX at the 2 and 9% positions on Paweł Augustyn from position 3.
The competition is open for registration all the time - join today and win the main prize.

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