Wedge as a sign of trend reverse


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Leinad Kerginsten
Leinad Kerginsten published an idea on CHFJPY, D1
4 years ago

On D1 interval currently you can find a wedge formation which had been already broken out. Accoring to technical analysis, price should now fall aprox to 106.1

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    That should interest you

    Raymond Opoku published an idea on CHFJPY, H4

    CHFJPY rising channel.

    This pair is somewhat negatively correlated with the above so it would be a good metric to time a profitable trade. Currently, CHFJPY is trading within a rising channel and price is right below the resistance of the channel.

    Be on the lookout for a break of…

    Q-Trader published an idea on CHFJPY, D1

    Go Long ChfJpy

    The Price still up in channel D1 and made higher high, wait for the price make higher low also price approach at the upward trend line around 111.6 and confirm a price action setup then go Long this pair.

    Good luck All