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TradingDot Coin

Get paid for trading analyses, content and trades

How does it work? In just a couple of months, TradingDot will emit a special personal token (TDC), which you can exchange for Ethereum (cryptocurrency). You can get the token either through ICO or through activity on TradingDot - adding analyses, trading ideas, posts, commenting and even trading.

How to get TDC tokens?

Take part in ICO

In the initial coin offering (ICO) we will be offering 1 million TDC tokens for sale. Buyin TDC this way means you are investing your money in TradingDot and expecting TDC value growth with time. All ICO funds will be pushed into international marketing and development of TradingDot.

Initial date of ICO: September 2018

Be an active user

In TradingDot you get paid for activity. By being active you create marketing value, which we change into TDC tokens. Just add your analyses, write a blog or just trade and you will be getting TradingDot Coins, which you can withdraw at any time.

During the launch of TradingDot Coin we will release 1 million tokens for active TradingDot users, proportionally to the reputation points they had at the moment of the launch. Be active now, and take your part of this 1 million TDCs.

Proof of trade - it's a metod of mining TradingDot Coin tokens. Every active user of TradingDot can mine tokens by trading on a real account or through activity within the community. Tokens are being divided among active users - tehre's 19 millions of tokens to mine. Don't wait and start now!

Download the whitepaper

The whitepaper is not yet available in English. It will be soon. Stay with us to get more info. For now, you can download the company info below.

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