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TradingDot Coin (TDC)

Get paid for trading analyses, content and trades

TradingDot is the only trading society, where you can earn just by writing sharing interesting content, such us your trade ideas, analysis, investing strategies, education and more. For every valuable action on our website, you will get a special personal token - TradingDot Coin (TDC), which can be easily exchanged for USD, EUR and PLN.

How to earn on TradingDot?

Write and share analysis,
ideas and articles

We undestand, that adding trading ideas, analysis and educational articles takes time and is valuable. This is why we want to pay you for it, to encourage you to add more of the good content and share it among your groups.

The rules are simple: we are paying for each unique view of your trading ideas, articles and posts, and also for new followers of your TradingDot profile and strategies.

If your profile and contents gets popular - you are rewarded with TDC, which you can withdraw at any time and exchange it for real money using cryptocurrency exchanges.

Build the independent trading society with us

The bigger the society we create, the more value it will bring for you and other traders. And we'd like you to help us with that.

Take your personal referal link, share it and let TradingDot grow. Get your friends who are interested in trading and show them our website and features. Use your blog, YouTube, FB group, Twitter or other channel you have to populate TradingDot. For every person that you refer you will get 1.00 USD.

Interested in earning on TradingDot? 

Join our society today and explore all the options for getting the reward.

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What is TradingDot Coin? How it was created? What's its purpose? Check it out by reading the whitepaper.