impuls up or impuls up


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Igor Balan
Igor Balan published an idea on EURGBP, H1
5 years ago

Hoping for support on white line, and impuls up. It may be a 5th wave or recent impuls or a 1st wave of a new one (in that case we just had a 'broken 5')

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    Will Duxon published an idea on EURGBP, H1

    A Less than Ideal Trade

    The Euro-Cable is overall bearish, so this pair is offering a FAR from perfect trade. Nonetheless, the 24-hour baseline HAS formed an upward hinge, and price IS now located above the 48-hour measure. So, IF the pair follows through, it SHOULD return at least…

    lee baxter published an idea on EURGBP, D1


    Good morning all, another week begins. As always nice to report a TP hit. EURGBP continued right down and hit the demand zone we was aiming for. Nice simple daily range and an easy 162 pips with a lovely 1:5 R:R returned. In sharprish time too. But what is next?…