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Michał Gryczko
Michał Gryczko published an idea on EURGBP, H1
4 years ago

Na interwale H1 można zauważyć tworzącą się formację odwrócona głowa z ramionami. Dodatkowo linia szyi znajduje się w okolicy obecnego poziomu oporu. Możliwe wzrosty do poziomu 0,8652.

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Will Duxon published an idea on EURGBP, D1


The Euro-Cable has been bearish for the last four or five months, but has spent a week or so pulling back from its downward trek. However, price is currently positioned within a region that seems to constitute a zone of support and/or resistance over the past…

lee baxter published an idea on EURGBP, D1

EURGBP Trade Idea's

Its been a while since I updated EURGBP . We were in a sell riding the trend down. I peaked at over 130 pips profit on my second entry area. But I exited the trade at 80 pips when the bullish engulfing candles formed. I'm pretty sure you all did the same…