UK bye, bye - EUR/GBP buy, buy


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Igor Balan
Igor Balan published an idea on EURGBP, H1
5 years ago

Buy now, or at the friday close :)

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  • Steve Sandblast
    Steve Sandblast5 years ago

    I think that price will bounce now :)

    • Gregor Cooper
      Gregor Cooper5 years ago

      Where should I put Stop Loss ?

      • Igor Balan
        Igor Balan5 years ago

        Gregor, it depends on how long you would like to stay in. If you thinking about a trade for a couple of hours - below 0,869, If couple of days - below 0,865

    • Leinad Kerginsten
      Leinad Kerginsten5 years ago

      I see you think about the same gap filling. Im already with sellstop waiting for price to go lower soon


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