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Tom Frick
Tom Frick published an idea on EURUSD, M30
4 years ago

Price reacted recently to important daily resistance area and new supply was formed. I entered short after reaction to resistance level on LTF

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  • Steve Sandblast
    Steve Sandblast4 years ago

    You should wait for breakout, and entry after retest.

    • Gregor Cooper
      Gregor Cooper4 years ago

      Nice, I have also short on this pair


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      Monday market review EURUSD

      EURUSD H1 gave a positive signal to increases. After breaking the resistance, we waited for a strong break in the level, but the currency pair had a problem and rebounded between the marked line several times. Consolidation caused local resistance. At the moment…

      Abiola Ayobame published an idea on EURUSD, MN

      Direction Hinges on This Area

      Last Friday, EURUSD closed below a critical level at 1.2150.

      That area turned to support following the December 16th close above it.

      However, Friday’s close below 1.2150 flipped it to resistance once more.

      You can see how the EURUSD is struggling to get back…