Hard Trading????


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Mike Lester
Mike Lester published an idea on EURUSD, M30
5 years ago

Today(election day) we have great day for swing trading..... try eurusd, it will behave crazy

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    That should interest you

    Will Duxon published an idea on EURUSD, H1

    Long EURUSD

    My signals suggest to me that the Euro-U.S. dollar might be just about ready to begin climbing again.

    James Thatcher published an idea on EURUSD, Other

    Weekly Summary!! 14 June 2021

    There's nothing much to report from last week. No trades hit. I was hopeful for US CPI, but it didn't come near my trigger, and the reaction was volatile and unsafe to trade. We didn't see a deviation on the weekly DOE crude oil inventories either.…