What is wrong with you -eurusd?


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Mike Lester
Mike Lester published an idea on EURUSD, H4
4 years ago

Yesterday i was sure that after FOMC this pair will go up- i was wrong. This morning i was sure again, it will go up from 1.05, was wrong again. How far it can fall?

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  • Roberto4 years ago

    Do not try be a fairy ;), tarde what you see not what you wish.


    That should interest you

    Biznes-Broker.com published an idea on EURUSD, H1

    EURUSD same scenario

    As before, so now. We are in a downward trend, and going above the resistance will only give a positive signal to possible long positions.

    Lagrad's statement about too strong the euro had an immediate effect in the form of declines in pair with the dollar…