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The fourth week of forex competition is coming to an end. Recent huge movements on currencies have led to a very strong confusion in the competition ranking. Some had to be eliminated from the competition due to such dynamic dynamics.

Good news
The duration of the competition has been extended to March 31, which means that you have 6 weeks to join the competition. Of course, the later we do it, the less likely we will be to achieve a high enough result to be on the podium and receive a cash prize. Joining the competition is very easy. All you have to do is open an account with one of the portal's partners:

Prizes in the forex competition
In this edition of the competition has provided prizes for the first 5 traders.
3000 zlotys
II. Place:
PLN 2,000
III. Place
500 zlotys
IV. Place:
300 PLN
V. Place
200 zlotys
So it's worth fighting to the end and finding yourself in an award-winning group.

The leader's curse
In the first week the leader was "bitboy" with a result of several percent, unfortunately through several unclosed positions he has lost several dozen percent, which of course results in the loss of position.
In the following days trader.m30 came to the first position, which is currently out of the ranking. Last week was more dynamic and there were as many as three traders in the leadership position. First, "Kazek" who lost his position to Robson, and after a few days Robson was dethroned by Kezom. For now, Kezom comes first with over 20% profit.

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