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3 years ago

Are you looking for a truly quick way to check out live quotes and charts from Forex and CFD? Now it's possible on TradingDot. All the charts and quotes will be available on the instrument pages. And we challenge you to see just how quickly you can find the chart - we do it in 2-5 seconds. How quick can you?

There are 2 ways to quickly acces live quotes and live charts from Forex, commodities and indexes. The first way is:
1) Click on the search bar at the top and start typing instrument's name
2) Click on the desired result among found instruments

The second way is just as simple:
1) Click on "Ideas" (unless you are on ideas subpage)
2) Click on any of the popular instruments name on the left side of the page

I takes only seconds! What's more, you can make analysis on the chart, save it as a picture and share as trading idea on TradingDot. No need to even open a platform.

Here's a quick list of some of the most popular instruments to check out the live quote and charts:
EUR/USD live quotes and chats:
GBP/USD live quotes and chats:
USD/JPY live quotes and chats:
USD/CHF live quotes and chats:
AUD/USD live quotes and chats:
DAX30 live quotes and chats:
S&P500 live quotes and charts:
BITCOIN live quotes and charts:

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