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Long-Term Emer-FX

Trading style: mix of different strategies with STTS as primary.
Broker: XTB, Leverage: 1:30
The goal is to reach 10,000 PLN and then start withdrawals of 5,000 PLN every time it gets to 15,000 PLN in order to prove that trading can be profitable.


style: Long-term Trading
approach: Fundamental, Technical and Statistics Analysis

Real account


Open trades:-14.48%
Last 24H:0.00%
Maximal drawdown:45.12%
Gain in pips:13272.2
Last month:529.4
Balance:8800.80 PLN
Highest profit:113.52 PLN
Start date:November 24, 2016

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Deposit/withdrawal:4921.91Credit Facility:0.00
Closed trade P/L:3878.89Floating P/L:-666.15
Margin:4098.15Free Margin:4036.50
Gross Profit:10090.02Gross Loss:6211.13Total Net Profit:3878.89
Profit Factor:1.62Expected Payoff:10.00
Absolute Drawdown:0.00Maximal Drawndown:16.66%Relative Drawdown:0.00%
Total trades:388
Short Position (won %):211(89.57%)Long Positions (won %):177(77.97%)
Profit Trade (% of total):327(84.28%)Loss trades (% of total):61(15.72%)
Largest profit trade:1.96%Largest loss trade:-10.17%
Average profit trade:30.86Average loss trade:-101.82
Maximum consecutive wins ($):48 (1217.47)Maximum consecutive losses ($):17 (-2799.37)
Maximal consecutive profit (count):1339.85 (30)Maximal consecutive loss (count):-2799.37 (17)
Average consecutive wins:11Average consecutive losses:4