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Conditions for entering the competition
1. The competition is organized from October 5 from 00:00 to October 30 to 24:00
1a. Only geometry patterns may be used in the contest account
2. No transaction may be made on the competition strategy prior to the start of the competition
3. Before the end of the competition (30.X.2020) all open positions must be closed.
4. The date of the first transaction on the contest account cannot be earlier than the date of registration for the contest on the portal
5. Leverage may not be greater than 1:100.
6. The maximum drawdown allowed is 30% of the initial capital. (Equity of the account may not fall below 70% of the initial deposit)
7. The account balance must be updated at least once a week.
8. Values such as the deposit and the size of open positions must be visible to other users of the portal
9. Registration is possible until the end of the competition
10. The contest wins the account with the highest rate of return after closing all active transactions
10. No additional payment can be made to the contest account.
11. Minimum initial deposit amount of 100 USD
12. To be able to receive the prize, the account balance after closing the transaction must be greater than 200 USD
13. Users may have only ONE competition strategy
14. Awards:
I. Prize
VIP coaching for one month (1500 USD)

II. Prize
VIP coaching for 2 weeks(1000 USD)

III. Prize
Coins of Geometric Pattern mentor Kenny Simons

IV. The TDC prize is awarded to the winners account
15. All prizes are awarded according to the rate of return calculated on the basis of equity
16. In the case of detected irregularities, the organizer has the right to disqualify the account in the competition
17. The basis for the payment of winnings in the competition is the publication on of an entry (post) for a minimum of 1500 characters describing the strategies used during the competition.
How to join the competition
1. Create a new account with the MT4or MT5 platform with Your broker
2. Add a trading account to your profile
3. Add strategies
If You have any question please contact us

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