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3 years ago

Knowledge and expertise in the Internet are usually expected to be free. However, why would anyone write good trading ideas, analyses or educational articles, if he/she gets nothing from that? Exactly. We announce a coming of an innovative system of paying active TradingDot users for sharing their knowledge and ideas related to online trading.

In our system, we will ensure that:
• All knowledge remains free – you will not ever pay for a trading idea, analysis or an educational material on TradingDot
• All people that write trading ideas or educational materials will get paid

How we will achieve that?
It’s very simple. If there’s a lot of good content and a lot of readers coming to TradingDot, the website value rises – especially to advertisers. This value can be turned into a reward for the people that create this value.

What will be rewarded?
• Adding trading ideas and analysis
• Adding valuable or educational materials through posts
• Sharing a strategy and getting followers

How will we measure the value?
We believe that we can measure content quality by the numbers of unique views on your idea or post. We can also measure value of your profile and shared strategies by the number of followers you have. Views and followers – this will be a base for calculating your earnings.

How will you get reward?
Our proposition is to use a hyper innovative technology – cryptocurrencies. We created a special personal token – TradingDot Coin (TDC), which will allow us to transfer the reward quickly and on demand. Do not worry if you know nothing about how to change cryptocurrencies into real money – we will publish a series of guides that will make it easy for you.

Our system will be launched very soon. It’s the best to start building your profile now. Get followers before the day of the launch and you will have it easier to get better numbers of views on your content and better rewards. Also, being higher in the rank of traders will automatically enable you to get more views and followers when we launch the rewards system. So, go ahead and post some trading idea!

Do you like this system? We are highly interested in your feedback. Please share it in the comment.

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