God's or gambling effect? Last Week of the TCIII


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The third week of the trading competition has come to an end. It was a week that brought many changes. Most of the top traders are new participants. Table Trading Competition III does not resemble the one from the first week at all. The fourth and last week of struggles in the forex competition is ahead of us.

The result achieved in the first week of Trading Competition III

The result after the third week of struggles in the forex competition

Close the list
From Saturday, 20/07/2019, from 24:00 you can no longer register for the competition. The main prize will be won by someone who is already in the ranking. Shortly before the closing of the final list, they were able to register pierog 1988, Kamil and Pelasia - known from previous editions of the competition. In this composition, if no one is disqualified, traders should reach the end of the competition.

Current leader and first 5
Currently, the leader who has been in the forefront for a long time is Toxic. Taking into account the advantage of 84% of profit over the other player, "traderekMal", he will probably win the victory. Traderek Small would have to put everything on one card to dethrone Toxica. With a loss of 234% leader in the third position is annaFX. Kuba_potacki and Paweł Augustyn are suitable in the fourth and fifth places. The first Friday is quite stable, only annaFX fights for 3rd place with kuba_potacki.

For the first time since the beginning of this forex competition, the equity and balance classification coincides with all five traders.

God's or gambling effect?
Last week, several traders who aspired to the position with prizes were eliminated, among others Larcz, who in the middle of the competition was the leader, unfortunately, for several incorrect decisions, his equity fell below 70% and had to be excluded. It is easy to divide the traders falling into 2 groups. The first group are those who are at the forefront and then their portfolio is overpaid and, unfortunately, some bad decisions cause a significant loss of capital. The second group is the one that opens up a lot from the very beginning

Excluded traders
Karol Radomski
Mikołaj Zawadzki
Any trader who drops from equity below 70% is excluded.
This rule allows you to look at the competition as a show of a trader's workshop, not a coin toss and waiting for the main prize in the competition.

The last week of struggles is ahead of us. Will Toxic be the winner. Will traderekmały put everything on one card? We will know all this on Friday after the closing of the trading week.

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