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Gregor Cooper
Gregor Cooper published an idea on Gold, D1
4 years ago

What do you think about GOLD? They are again on the resistance

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  • Karol Radomski4 years ago

    I think the price go little up somewhere 1240 ? There I've got my TP


That should interest you

lee baxter published an idea on Gold, D1
SELL  Gold

GOLD Update

Trade closed at break even so nothing lost. Looks like we might finally see some good strength from USD. We have seen price break out to the downside from this little bearish flag . I wont be fully selling until the smaller averages cross the longer term averages.…

Chris Borowik published an idea on Gold, H4

Descending Triangle

Gold price is in downtrend since reaching its all-time high. When we connect last highs, drawn line is dynamic resistance line. Price had also bounce back from horizontal line of around 1900, which is strong support. In sum it gave us descending triangle pattern.…