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Gregor Cooper
Gregor Cooper published an idea on Gold, D1
4 years ago

What do you think about GOLD? They are again on the resistance

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That should interest you

Biznes-Broker.com published an idea on Gold, H4

Gold on support

For the last month and a half, gold has been moving in a clear upward trend. Not many people were able to enter a position at the lower price level because after personal discussions with experienced traders, I learned that many of them were waiting for a much…

lee baxter published an idea on Gold, D1
BUY  Gold

Gold TP1 Zone Hit

Good morning all, quick update on the GOLD buy we are in. TP zone 1 has been hit for 1000 pips, price has surpassed the level we projected. As I said previously not to have a physical TP set as we could be moving higher to the higher supply zones or the downtrend…