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Will Duxon
Will Duxon added a new post
3 years ago

I’m in the process of attempting to adapt a Forex scalping strategy with about a 90% daily success rate to more of a quasi-swing/day trade hybrid with similar outcomes. But at this point I’m not even close to reaching my goal. And yet, I believe I have all the pieces in place to get me to my destination rather quickly.

The system rests on a handful of simple moving averages selected on the basis of statistical probability rather than established norms. As with scalping, I trust the secret to success will be in using these moving averages to buy and sell assets when the statistical odds of price behaving as forecast is at optimal levels.

Toward that end, I created the above graphic to help me employ an almost automated-like approach to interpreting the indicators rightly. It will assist me in quantifying the duration and degree of movement as price transitions from one category to another, but only after establishing precise, well-defined parameters for assigning price to one category as opposed to another.

Using this tool, it should not be too long before it is fairly obvious which moving averages and types of transitions are most significant, and in turn, when and when not to enter positions if the goal is to virtually eliminate losing trades.

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  • Ilori Oluwashola
    Ilori Oluwashola3 years ago

    What does the terms mean?

    • Will Duxon
      Will Duxon3 years ago

      I will be using four carefully selected simple moving averages to diagnose market conditions.
      When the slopes of the two longer-term moving averages are both pointing north, an asset will be categorized as bullish.
      If the slopes of both longer-term moving averages are pointing south, the asset will…
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  • JohnnieMac3 years ago

    Hi Will, what particular scalping strategy at 90% success rate are you looking to adapt?

    • Will Duxon
      Will Duxon3 years ago

      It is my own strategy, which I call “Numerical Price Prediction” in that it employs a methodology similar to that used by meteorologist to make weather forecast.

      Both systems involve collecting precise, up-to-date, quantitative information, and interpreting the figures to make accurate predictions.…
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