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2 years ago

As all traders know, Forex Industry operates 24 hours from Monday to Saturday.

Starting from the Asian Session for the morning, the London Session in the evening and the New York Session in the evening.

As a result, the industry ranks among the highest in the world (1 Trillion USD - 5 Trillion USD per day)

The 5 Big Players in the industry are none other than Citigroup, JpMorgan Chase & Co, UBS, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.

The most frequently traded currencies for the top five 'Big Player' deals are the US Dollar, Euro and Yen.

Well, let's look at the job opportunities in this industry as below;

1.Trading Forex
5.Sub Ib
6.Manager Copytrade
7.Manager PAMM
8.Manager MAMM
9.Investor / Follower
10.Introducer Investor
11. Owner of the 'Gray Label' Broker
12. Owner of the 'White Label' Broker
13. Owner of Prime Broker
14. Owner of Liquidity Provider
15.Business Development Manager (BDM)
16.Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
17.Account Manager (AM)
18.Affliate Manager
19.Support Team
22.Software Development Manager
23.Java Software Engineer
24.Project Manager (Financial Markets IT)
25.Java Developers
26.Front End Engineer
27.Desk Assistant-Admin
28.Business Analyst
29.Trade Surveillance Compliance Officer.
30.Trade Surveillance Associate
31.Hybrids Trading Book Markets (Risk Manager)
32. Owner of 'Company Solution'
33.Create a Website Broker
34. Rent / Rent EA
35.Please rent a VPN
36. Sell / Rent Indicators
37. Sell / rent a 'Plug in Hybrids System' for Brokers.
38. Sell eBooks / Forex Books
39. Sell Forex Signal / Setup
40.Learn Online / Classroom Forex Techniques
41. Forex bloggers / bloggers
42. Technical / Fundamental Market Analyst
43.Video Forex
44.Content Forex Creator
45.Content Forex Distributor
46.Content Curator Forex
47.Digital Marketing Top Funnel Forex
48.Local Depositor (LD)
49. Sell / Buy Neteller
50. Viewing on Social Media (Hihihi, jokes)

And many more....

P / S: If there is a further 51 connection, you can write in the comments section below.

Ok, all of the above is my observation and experience working in Forex brokerage industry before.

From traders, he later became an IB, MIB and later worked with a number of brokers, holding the position of Chief Marketing Manager.

In addition, the good relationships with the partners of Company Solution, Prime Broker, as well as LPs around the world have made me realize just how much the industry is seeking to make a living.

Regardless, everything we do, there is always a risk. Included in this forex industry. Therefore, the importance of knowledge and experience is that we reduce risk and maximize profits.

Focus on the skills we have and maximize them as high as possible.

We don't have to fight here and there, envy each other for small things. It hurts itself.

If that person is interested in becoming an IB, then let it be.

If the person is interested in trading on his own, let him.

The industry in this industry is vast, so choose whichever one you like.

Learn to collaborate and expand networking, so good opportunities always come before eyes.

P / S: To learn fast in the forex industry, start by becoming an Introducer Broker (IB).

As it is, many questions involving trading issues, fundamentals, and even brokerage from the client make us seek to learn and find answers to them.

We're getting better at times

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