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Trading movies have historically been a rip-roaring success filled with greed, sleuth, envy and many more sinful features with heavenly virtues few and far between.

Although we gasp in awe at some outrageous feature films such as the chaotic, drug-induced life of Jordan Belfort, we can also learn at the same time.

Take the HBO documentary ‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ for example. The average man from Nebraska who has amassed over a 60 Billion dollar fortune earning the title of the most successful investor of all time. Take a behind the scenes look into the life of the man at the man who filed his first tax return at age 13 and climbing the ladder to the 4th richest person in the world.

Buffet once said ‘’Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.’’

A sentiment that resonates.

Wolf of Wall Street

In Martin Scorcese's ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, viewers can learn a few things about from this enthralling, fast-paced, outrageously funny movie.

Jordan Belfort was a man who lived life to the fullest
Jonah Hill is hilarious
Sides at restaurants can fetch up to $26k
Anyone can make it big if they show true grit and confidence
A Wall Street trader's life can be HECTIC!

Margin Call

The 2008 factual movie featuring Kevin Spacey followed the decisions that led to the banking collapse of 2008. The whole movie was shot at One Penn Plaza - an old Hedge Fund office, allowing us to imagine what the inner workings of an investment bank look like.


For further insight into more primal trading, have a look at the real-life documentary ‘Floored’ which gives a true to life insight of the primal nature of trading floors which boomed in the late 90’s thanks to computing advances. There are plenty of interviews of people who were there to live in the pandemonium.

The Hummingbird Project

One of the most interesting movies surrounding trading and wonderfully unique. The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård who leave their jobs behind as well as a bitter boss played by Salma Hayek.

The duo and on-screen cousins are high-frequency traders who want to build a fiber optic cable from the US data servers in Kansas to New Jersey with the view to shave off milliseconds to allow traders to get information on market movements first. Information that would make them rich beyond their dreams.

There are many obstacles along the way as the cable must be completely straight to perform to its true potential speed.

Hayek tries in vain to stop the pair, the FBI joins the hunt and there are further interruptions from mountains, resistant residents and the Amish community.

There are many other notable watches out there for you to get some trading inspiration - including:

Rogue trader starring Ewan McGregor
Trading places starring Eddie Murphy
Michael Caines Silver Bears
Ther corporation
Michael Douglas’ ‘Wall Street’

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  • lee baxter
    lee baxter2 years ago

    I love 'The Big Short' awesome movie.

    • ForexKing812 years ago

      Loved the original "Wall Street"! Second one was ok.
      Wolf of Wall Street was excellent too.

      • Teejy
        Teejy2 years ago

        Never seen Trading Places, will need to check it out.

        • Johnnyboy2 years ago

          I've yet to watch the Wolf of wall street yet !! I know what il be watching come the weekend

          • BitBoy2 years ago

            Lee Baxter Big short is the best.

            • Hagler
              Hagler2 years ago

              The wolf of wall Street is a great film

              • momo3HC
                momo3HC2 years ago

                Some of this trading movies are giving a wrong idea about the whole thing but some of them are quite eye opening too.