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Mike Lester
Mike Lester published an idea on NZDUSD, D1
5 years ago

Lok at this pair. Main trend is down, Now is correction but price reach importent level 0,700. Great place to go back to down trend.

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  • Paul Edmond
    Paul Edmond5 years ago

    I've also got a selling idea but on much shorter interval - M15

  • Gregor Cooper
    Gregor Cooper5 years ago

    You will open an order after break a channel?

    • Mike Lester
      Mike Lester5 years ago

      no, much faster. Just after it will rebounce from 0.7

  • Nico Masil
    Nico Masil5 years ago

    In my opinion - stupid idea- i do not even know who you have drawn this lines

    • Mike Lester
      Mike Lester5 years ago

      I agree with you it is stupid idea, but it could give you almoust 100 pips profit. This line can not touch pins because market it is not pharmacy.. you need to have space for movement.


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Asad khan published an idea on NZDUSD, H1

NZD/USD Sell opportunity.

Hello traders !
How are you all ? Hope you all are doing well.

So here we have a clear analysis of a major pair NZD vs USD (Newzealand dollar vs US dollar). As we can see that the price is being rejected on last friday at a major key level resistance where a…