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2 years ago

True, most of us trade for only one reason, the money. But what about those who aren’t interested in instant gratification, but instead prefer consistency and longevity? Sometimes it’s a good idea to do things strictly for the love of money and other times not. The problem occurs whenever newbie traders, rookies, and onlookers assume that success is measured by numbers instead of performance.

Billion dollar companies go belly up each and every year. If money was the reason of their success, how did they perish? Simple answer, because of a lack of good portfolio performance combined with consistency over a long duration of time. 150 years of services with billions of dollars invested clearly doesn’t prove to be enough to stay afloat in the financial markets.

The people who really make the difference are the ones who only earn $36,000-$60,000 a year. They are the independent traders “like us”. They are the ones who see the market for how it is, instead of how it should be. Days upon days of researching charts, news, events, etc, is what makes the difference between a success and a defeat.

The point is that no matter how much money or experience someone claims to have, their true value lies within their overall portfolio performance. Be sure to keep in mind that many and most traders/companies take the stairs up, only to jump off once they’ve reached their peak.

The goal is to not only make it to the top, but to also stay there. To do so would require consistency, discipline, and great performance. Hopefully, by developing and back testing your strategies, you too can find your recipe for a profitable investment. After all, you are the ones who literally “make the difference“. Trade well everyone

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