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Tom Frick
Tom Frick published an idea on NZDCAD, H4
5 years ago

Price is reacting to a very important supply zone, and there is candle PA fo shorts.

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  • Steve Sandblast
    Steve Sandblast5 years ago

    Good idea, but you are trading against very strong up momentum.. So good luck ;)

    • Gregor Cooper
      Gregor Cooper5 years ago

      Strong resistance, they can go down


      That should interest you

      Joswee published an idea on NZDCAD, H1

      Trend continuation

      Hi folks as am still holding my short position in this pair I would like to share with you guys another opportunity that I see is rising on hourly chart let the price pulls back to descending trendline for another possible short
      SELL @0.87915
      STOP LOSS @0.88205… published an idea on NZDCAD, H4

      NZDCAD close to the support zone

      Long time not discussed instrument because I mainly focus on the British pound and the German index. Currently, the price is in the correction phase and is approaching the support I have indicated in the image. However, due to the lack of intensity of traffic…