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Emerald-FX opublikował ideę na GBPAUD, H4
9 miesięcy temu

Not much action this week. EURNOK Take Profit is my first close this week.
I mentioned in one of my last posts that I have been building a GRID on this pair as I reckon that NOK is generally undervalued.
If you want to find out how big the gain is in pip terms, you just have to divide the gain by $ 0,10. In this case $20+ means over 200 pips which I think is very decent.
GBPAUD is my long term BUY. It means that I will fish only for long positions and do not mind if the timing for the time being is not perfect. Last week or two weeks ago I closed some of my positions and I set LIMIT BUY order which was opened today. I also increased my position to 2K :-)
ALL DATAILS of the trade are on the chart as I have nothing to hide and like to be transparent.
Good luck and let pips go your way.

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  • Emerald-FX
    Emerald-FX9 miesięcy temu

    If I had not screwed up with US30 yesterday (2020-10-01) I would be quite happy with my planned short on DAX which is in the black today.


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    otwieram pozycję buy na GBPAUD w tym przypadku moje proponowane Entry @18181 a moje ryzyko ustawiam na SL@ 18133 jezeli dobrze pojdzie to moze nawet uderzyć w TP@18278 ale ja będę zamykał pozycje na [poziomie TP@18229 wiec zobaczymy co się stanie załączam screnna