Reduce your trading costs by 40%

Promotion details

Only for traders who open or have an account in FxPro under TradingDot affiliation. From May to October we will give you back 40% of a part of the trading costs related to spread and commission. This means you will get a huge reduction for your trading costs - commission and spread. Depending on instrument, you can gain up to 2 USD per 1 lot traded.

Promotion conditions

You will get a 40% reduction of your trading costs related to spread and commission. The reduction will take place on the first day of the month proceeding the month you were trading. If the monthly reduction is smaller than 10 USD, you will get it next month, as long as the total from 2 months will be larger than 10 USD.


1) you traded 100 lots in May, which applied for 200 USD costs reduction. You will get 200 USD more on your account on the 1st June.

2) you traded 2 lots in May, which applied for 4 USD reduction. In June you traded 4 lots, which applies for 8 USD reduction. You will get all 12 USD on the 1st of July. Nothing get's lost!

Don't wait. Take this advantage - it costs you nothing!

How to sign up for this?

In order to receive the cashback, you just have to do one thing - trade with FxPro under TradingDot affiliation link. The promotion applies automatically for everyone who opened an account from TradingDot link - either now, or in the past. If you did it already, you don't have to do anything.

How to get on board, if you don't trade with FxPro?

1. You will have to change broker to FxPro

2. In order to do it, click the red button on the right-hand side ("SIGN UP FOR THIS")

3. Fill in the form on FxPro website

4. Deposit your fund

5. Enjoy reduced costs - it will happen automatically

How to get on board, if you trade with FxPro but not under TradingDot affiliation>?

If you are already trading with FxPro, it's still possible to use this promotion, but in order to do it you will have to send a request to FxPro account manager to sign you up under TradingDot affiliation. Don't worry - we will tell you exactly how to do it. If you are in this situation, just write to us at support@tradingdot.com and we will send you specific instructions.