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You have friends, that are interested in trading? Do you belong a trading group or a forum? We have a proposition for you! Help us building TradingDot society and we'll make it up for you. Today we are launching a referral program, where you can earn 1 TDC (an equivalent of 1 USD) per each new user, that will register from your link.


→ As a TradingDot user, you get a personal referral code, that you can add to any link on TradingDot. To make it easier for you, we created a easy tool for copying links to any TradingDot page you want
→ When you send your personal link to a friend or any person interested in trading, our website will recognize that the person registered from your reference
→ In exchange for helping us grow our society, you will get 1.00 TDC (that is equal to 1 USD)
→ To protect against misuse of the referral program, the new users that will register from your link will have to confirm their telephone number through a verification code

1) For ideas and posts: click "share" under the idea/post that you want link for and then click "copy your link"
2) For other pages: look to your right and you will find a new widget. Simply click "copy your link"

WHERE TO SHARE YOUR LINK? We'll give you a couple ideas:
→ to a friend that is interested in trading
→ on a Facebook group that is about trading
→ on a trading forum
→ on your blog
→ on your social media, like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

IMPORTANT: It's forbidden to make false registrations or force people that are not interested in trading to make a registration.

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