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Trading forex with stocks, the difference is in the speed of price changes. Forex is rapidly changing prices, unlike stocks, for stocks with prices> $ 10, their price change movements. It can still be tracked by Technical analysis indicators, but for stocks <$ 1, price movements like forex. I am not a forex trader and I am amazed with a successful forex trader, so nimble put a "trap" to buy and sell.

Currently, forex trading like cryptocurrency, the rise and fall in prices seem to have no limit, however, as a trader must be able to measure the level of satisfaction, preferably, a trader in demand to be able to take advantage of momentum, sometimes there is disappointment at the time after we sell the stock / crypto, the price increases. That's the character of the stock exchange / crypto.

However, there are always different ways to measure the performance of stocks / crypto that we have or will buy.

For those interested can download this link

For European market shares

For NYSE stock exchange

I simplify the stock trading method

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