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Eric Tafor added a new post
3 years ago

Very happy to be part of this community guys.
Wanna be sincere here, for its first of its kind joining. Say so because I'm new to trading and never been part of a life trading forum. I'm current with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole. I did familiarize with some MLM Companies, dealing with bitcoins and promoting their own penny-cryptos
However, as i continued my research into this new mystical digital kind of money, then, happily i realized cryptocurrencies aren't all about multi-level marketing, as was introduced to me earlier
I happen to live in West Africa, precisely war-torn Cameroon, as you must have heard in the News. So investing in cryptocurrencies seem to be a God-send Agenda for some of us, away from the doldrums of war, to not let go.
I would sincerely solicit in this noble forum, the services of a perfect and sincere guide, to lead me through cryptocurrency trading. Would very much appreciate an interactive experience
I'm burning to trade but groping
Thanks guys

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