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Daniel Grek
Daniel Grek published an idea on SP500, H1
4 years ago

W obliczu niewiadomych, które związane są z wyborami, rynek nadal daje sygnały. Tym razem kupna na S&P500

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    Chris Borowik published an idea on SP500, D1
    SELL  SP500

    In The Downtrend Now

    When we look at S&P500 D1 chart, we could see formation of local high from last week. This top is lower that all-time high from 2nd September. This is sign, that we are now in downtrend. Last confirmation needed would be formation of lower low beneath level…

    Chris Borowik published an idea on SP500, D1
    NEUTRAL  SP500

    Resistance/Support Area

    Biggest US index for more than a month has been moving up and down. Now price is near resistance/support line constituted by February’s all-time high. Yesterday candle closed above that line, so it is support now. In addition quotations are in broader resistance/support…