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Welcome to TradingDot. If you are browsing and using this service it means, that you accept the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Risk Policy. Read the Terms of Service carefully before accepting. Remember that the Terms of Service may change over time and you can keep track of the changes on this page, which will always show the current Terms of Service.

Terms and Conditions of

  1. General information

    1. The service owner of is InField Group sp. z o.o., Lipinskiego 17, 30-349 Krakow, Poland.
    2. The service owner does not provide brokerage services and does not take part in opening any financial market orders or other services restricted for licensed entities, such as brokerage houses or forex market brokers.
    3. InField Group sp. z o.o. Is an introducing broker for the companies providing brokerage services listed on It means, that the service owner by no means is responsible for the funds deposited on the brokerage accounts and it does not guarantee the solvency of brokerage houses and brokers.
    4. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not hold any information or personal details that the user provides to the brokerage house or broker to whom InField Group sp. z o.o. is an introducing broker. The only information regarding brokerage account which InField Group sp. z o.o. holds about a user is the ID of the trading account, declared voluntarily by the user of the service.
    5. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not provide and is not responsible for any of the strategies listed on the portal. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not have the tools to modify the results of the strategies listed on the portal, which means all statistical data comes directly from the brokerage house or broker, where the user is trading and conducting his strategy. All the specific information about the transactions and market orders is shared voluntarily by the user.
    6. All the strategies listed on the portal are conducted by the users of the portal who volunteered to share their strategies. All strategies present historical results of the strategies conducted by the users of the portal, which means that future performance of the strategies may differ from the historical results and the historical results are provided only for educational purposes.
    7. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not share any personal data of the users who conduct their strategies on the portal
    8. service is an e-learning platform, which allows users for learning to trade on financial markets by following other users of the portal, together with their trading ideas and their market orders. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not provide any tools for automatic copying of market orders, which means that the user has full control over the decisions regarding opening, closing or modifying market orders and only he can be responsible for the effect of the orders he had made. Neither the trading ideas nor market orders shared by the users of the portal can, by any means, be considered as recommendations within the meaning of the relevant laws and regulations.
    9. InField Group sp. z o.o. in any way does not encourage to follow specific strategies from the portal. The user, on the basis of the statistical data presented on the portal must determine himself whether he wants or does not want to follow particular strategy, remembering, however, that that the historical results do not guarantee similar performance in the future.
    10. All the opinions, especially the ideas, strategies and transactions cannot by any means be considered recommendations within the meaning of the relevant laws and regulations. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not take any responsibility for the content on the portal shared by its users.
    11. All the personal data shared by the user during the registration or while using the portal are processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
    12. InField Group sp. z o.o. processes the personal data of users of the service to the company InField Group Sp. z o.o., Zakopiańska 9/710 Street, Cracow, Poland, which is responsible for the marketing of the service, customer service and the administration of the portal.
    13. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not take responsibility for incorrectly presented statistical data of strategies on the portal which can under certain circumstances be caused by technology error.
  2. Fees and commissions

    1. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not charge any direct fees for using the service
    2. InField Group sp. z o.o. is operating as an introducing broker or marketng partner of financial brokers.
    3. InField Group sp. z o.o. has the right to refuse to grant full access to the portal without giving any reason or to remove the user from the service.
    4. InField Group sp. z o.o. has the right to remove the user if he does not act within the accepted ethical standards, especially through publishing inappropriate comments, trading ideas, user and strategies descriptions and names.
  3. Final provisions

    1. The Terms of Service which you accept can change over time.
    2. InField Group sp. z o.o. does not take any responsibility for the transactions made by the users of the service and it is not an owner of any trading platform, where putting market orders is possible. It means, that all the responsibility for execution of market orders is restricted to the brokerage house or broker with whom the user signed an agreement.
    3. InField Group sp. z o.o., who is the owner of the service does not guarantee that the service will always work without failures or malfunctions. Taking this into consideration, user should find educational value in the service, not investing value.
    4. InField Group sp. z o.o., is registered in Poland, which means that all actions undertaken on are in line with the law of Poland. Any disputes that cannot be settled amicably and which resulted from using of the service will be resolved by the courts in Poland.

TradingDot Coin (TDC) Terms and Conditions

General terms of use

  1. TradingDot is a social media portal available at the web address
  2. TradingDot Coin (referred also as „TDC”) is a personal token based on blockchain technology and it is used for rewarding users of TradingDot for their commitment and certain actions on TradingDot.
  3. The basic actions that are rewarded by TradingDot are:
    1. Adding trading ideas, posts, trading accounts and strategies
    2. Getting unique views of trading ideas and posts
    3. Getting new followers of the TradingDot profile or strategy shared on TradingDot
    4. Completing users’ profile – adding basic information (name, surname, nickname, experience, trading approach, country of origin), adding profile picture, adding phone number, starting to follow traders and strategies directly after registration
    5. Recommending TradingDot website to other people
    6. Getting likes on ideas and posts
  4. TradingDot may also grant additional TDC for users for other actions than those from the point 2. Additionally rewarded actions are characterized by being able to raise the value of TradingDot. This may include activities such as providing a webinar, opening brokerage account with a broker recommended by TradingDot, registering at a broker recommended by TradingDot, making trades on a brokerage account within TradingDot and brokerage house affiliate agreement, cooperation on making translations to TradingDot to other language, cooperation with TradingDot promotion and other unspecified activities that are pre-approved by TradingDot Administration.
  5. The amount of TDC received as a reward for every action is specified in the current table of rewards, available on the TDC withdrawal webpage.
  6. The amount of TDC received as a reward for every action may change in time. Changing the rewards for actions affect only future actions and doesn’t work backwards. Losing TDC points after reverse actions (deleting content, losing a follower, etc.) is taking effect with the amounts specified in current table of rewards.
  7. TradingDot may make promotions with temporary changes to the table of rewards. These changes do not need to appear in the table of rewards. The basis for claiming promotional points by user is the promotional offer published by TradingDot in the Posts section of the website.
  8. Calculation of user’s TDC points works automatically on TradingDot with possible delays up to 1 hour.
  9. In case it is impossible to determine the right amount of collected by users’ TDC points due to malfunctioning of the website, TradingDot doesn’t bear responsibility for the lost TDC points.
  10. In case of wrongly rewarded actions of the user, that happen due to a malfunction of the website or human error, the user doesn’t have the right to claim the TDC points.
  11. In some places of the website, the amount of TDC is calculated into US dollars value (USD) using the approximate exchange rate. This is a predicted value in USD and it doesn’t represent a real value and cannot form basis to any claims.
  12. This version of Terms and Conditions may change at any given time.

Withdrawal of TradingDot Coin (TDC)

  1. Adding TDC points to users’ account on TradingDot does not constitute a transfer of ownership of TDC token. The transfer of ownership rights to TDC takes effect only after making a real token transfer to users’ wallet, upon previous TDC withdrawal submission from the user and withdrawal acceptance from TradingDot.
  2. The user of TradingDot may submit TDC withdrawal at any given moment after the amount of TDC available to withdraw exceeded the minimal withdrawal amount, specified on the TDC withdrawal subpage.
  3. The withdrawal of TDC, that is the transfer of TDC token ownership from TradingDot to users’ cryptocurrency wallet, requires from user providing real cryptocurrency wallet address that supports ERC20 technology. In case the user provided wrong but existing wallet number, TradingDot doesn’t bear the responsibility for the lost tokens.
  4. TradingDot makes the transfer of TDC within 7 working days after submission
  5. TradingDot has the right to refuse the withdrawal of TDC (transfer of ownership of the token) in case of any credible premise of abuse by user. After every withdrawal submission, TradingDot Administration will closely evaluate users’ account in order to detect any form of abuse.
  6. In case of the abuse, the user loses the right to claim TDC withdrawal (transfer of ownership of the token) and the content added by user may be deleted from the website. The user has the right to receive a justification of the withdrawal refusal.
  7. From January 1, 2020, any user who wants to payout TDC (TradingDot Coin) on his cryptocurrency wallet, must must have a real trading account with one of the recommended brokers. After confirmation of having a real account with one of the recommended brokers, the user's account will be marked as "real account".
  8. For every 1 TDC paid out for the user's portfolio, the user must make 0.1 Lot turnover on a trading account registered with one of the recommended brokers.
  9. If you have a real account with one of the recommended brokers, the turnover that is the basis for settling the TDC payment is calculated from the moment you register your MT4 account on the platform, and not from the beginning of your MT4 account history.

Definition of abuse

  1. After every withdrawal submission, TradingDot Administration will closely evaluate users’ account in order to detect any form of abuse.
  2. Abuses are described as any attempt to:
    1. Create fake views on ideas and posts and falsifying the view counter. An example of this kind of behavior is deleting cookie files or sending bots to TradingDot. The premises of this abuse include suspicious page views in Google Analytics, that are characterized by statistical deviation from the average as compared to other similar content on TradingDot. The statistics that are evaluated include average view and session time, bunce rate, the ratio of unique users to views, credibility of referring pages, visitors behavior after viewing the content and other statistics that allow for judging false views.
    2. Create additional accounts that belong to one person and subsequent bilateral actions aimed toward raising TDC points on any account. The forbidden actions for profiles belonging to one person are: mutual following of profiles and strategies, mutual adding likes to the content. The premises of abuse include high number of profile and strategy followers or users adding likes, that do not perform similar actions toward other users, do not visit TradingDot for other purpose than following/liking person’s content, or that did not added a unique phone number to confirm their identity.
    3. Create additional accounts by the same person in the referral program. A premise of abuse is trying to get past user authentication through phone number, that is required for the referred users.
    4. Create additional accounts in order to get TDC points for one-time actions, such as completing profile, adding accounts and strategies and other one-time actions.
    5. Manipulate the number of TDC in any way, for example through hacking to administrator’s panel, application code or other user’s profile.
  3. In case of any premise of abuse, user might be indefinitely banned from TDC withdrawal