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2 years ago

In a crowded marketplace where there are literally thousands of brokers to choose from, it is advised to consider a few key features a broker will provide for its traders before depositing.

Always review what conditions a broker will provide to ensure you get the most out of your deposits.


What platform you will actually trade on will make a huge difference. There are many platforms out there ranging from simple buy/sell options on exchanges to platforms such as MT4 which offer more complex key features and a range of indicators. This all depends on what you want to get out of your trading experience.


The tighter the spread the better as this represents the cost of a transaction on a platform. Scalpers ideally need tight spreads as they will accrue the most trades and thus pay most commission.


Look for a broker which will provide a range of deposit options that best suit you. Better yet, a broker which facilitates Bitcoin as a deposit method to allow you to have rapid access to funds in your trading account.


Find out the frequency and methods a broker will offer. Bitcoin again will allow you to receive funds with 'minimal waiting time'.


High leverage will provide day traders with the best chances of making profits quickly. Find a broker that offers high leverage with no ongoing account costs. High leverage allows you to trade higher volumes with less capital.

Customer support

A broker that provides round the clock support is essential when trading Crypto’s as the market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You never know when you will need assistance and you can trade with confidence with the backing of a dedicated support team.

Cold storage

If a broker offers cold storage, it means that your funds are stored completely offline from potential online threats allowing peace of mind that your funds are 100% secure.

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  • lee baxter
    lee baxter2 years ago

    Decent to use for crypto for sure. i use it myself to trade Bitcoin daily

    • Johnnyboy2 years ago

      Very well put and key points to choosing any broker.
      Theres only a handful that will tick all those boxes !

      • Teejy
        Teejy2 years ago

        Most people know of spreads, withdrawals, etc, but the cold storage part is the hidden important part, keeping the funds safe is so important, especially after seeing different "hacks" over the past few years.

        • ForexKing812 years ago

          I have been using this broker for 8 months now and no complaints. Withdrawals are in within a few hours and happy with the mt4 and web trader facility.

          • Al Bainers
            Al Bainers2 years ago

            Excellent leverage and tight spreads. Who is trading crypto this weekend?

            • momo3HC
              momo3HC2 years ago

              My top 3 are withdraws, spreads and support.