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3 years ago

You do or want to run your own trading/investing blog? You literally couldn’t find a better place to do it. TradingDot is a place where all traders meet. No matter what is the market you invest on – be it Forex, cryptocurrencies, stock market or even real estate – there are no limits. We’re here to exchange ideas, analysis, trades, insights, predictions and knowledge. Want to join?

The rule is simple – to write about investing. This way, together we can create the ultimate, worldwide investing community, that’s made of people’s knowledge. But for that, we need you to contribute – and running a blog is a best way to do it.

Why it’s worth it to run a blog on TradingDot?
• Every user has his unique address and his website is ready to start blogging at any time – no need for setups, no need for promotion – just write!
• You can promote your trading strategy, system or investing approach – we don’t do any limitations about the content and you can link outside
• We actively promote interesting posts through e-mails and other ways – this way you don’t have to care about promotion, because many people read your stuff
• You can be in touch with your readers and make contacts through direct messenger
• TradingDot is free and most of all – tailored to investors needs.

Here, in TradingDot we like simplicity. This is why we categorized types of content into 3 sections:
• Ideas – here you can add trading ideas that relate to financial instruments (like EUR/USD, Stocks, Bitcoin, etc.)
• Posts – a place for all types of content – starting from a blog entries, ending at questions and discussions.
• Trades – designed for people, who actively trade on financial markets through MT4 platform – we automatically process you trading to show statistics and history. You can add notes to your trades.

Are you a writer by nature? Start your blog by setting up your on profile!

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