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Igor Balan
Igor Balan published an idea on USDCAD, H4
5 years ago

As I thought it was 5th wave. On D1 there is a double top, but I think we will first have a correction ABC up, and then dynamic impuls down, cause 5th wave should be shorter than 3rd

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    Will Duxon published an idea on USDCAD, D1

    Higher from here?

    The 40-day baseline suggests that the descent which the U.S. dollar-Loonie began in March of 2020 might be running out of steam, as do the 32- and 24-day measures. And though the 12-day baseline is once again bearish (thanks to the fall from 1.2900 initiated…

    Will Duxon published an idea on USDCAD, D1

    Long the U.S. Dollar-Canadian Dollar

    Just about everything in connection with this pair is bullish. The 6-day price range envelope turned bullish on June 16th, the 12-day baseline followed on June 29th, joined by the 24-day on August 8th, and the 40-day baseline just five or six days ago. The 24-hour…