USDCAD is going down?


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Leinad Kerginsten
Leinad Kerginsten published an idea on USDCAD, H1
5 years ago

We've got a pennant formation here and as long as it stay as this or turn into flag which is possible, I expect this to go down after breaking 1.30575

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  • Igor Balan
    Igor Balan5 years ago

    I looks more like an ascending triangle than a pennant to me...

  • Steve Sandblast
    Steve Sandblast5 years ago

    I thought that bullish triangle should be broken in a different direction.

    • DCNNR
      DCNNR5 years ago

      Agree, but ascending triangle could be also a reversal pattern, so it was a good idea for long.


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Daytrader published an idea on USDCAD, D1


Price coming up to test previous key horizontal levels when price was in a strong downtrend. We’re now seeing price break through 1.26 following the break of the ascending triangle, looking to continue the bullish move retesting previous key horizontal levels.

Will Duxon published an idea on USDCAD, H1

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